COVID-19 Update!

As you all should know already, COVID-19 has affected many people around the globe. We are taking precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Please refrain from bringing friends or visitors with you to your appointment. We do not allow kids inside and will not make exceptions for those who have their kids during this time. Please wash your hands upon entering the shop, before filling out paper work. Refrain from touching your nose or mouth. We will turn you away at the door if you show any signs or symptoms of being sick.

We will reschedule you, without any questions, for any of the following reasons. If you have any concerns about wanting to reschedule, please don’t wait to contact us.

-If you are a parent and are unable to make an appointment due to schools being closed.

-If you show any symptoms of being sick, whether it is corona virus related or not.

-If you have traveled in the last 2 weeks or have been around anyone who has symptoms.

-If you just want to wait till all this dies down before getting tattooed.

We wish the best to everyone during this time.

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