Thank you for taking the time to read this. I just wanted to go over a few things to help streamline the inquiries and booking process.

I would like to begin with saying I only communicate through email. I am currently scheduling September and October. I will not be able to accommodate everyone. For those looking to get in sooner, we have other great artists at the shop. Just check out their portfolios to see who will be the best fit for you.

Here is what to expect when booking an appointment with me:

  • I present designs on the day of the appointment, and make any necessary changes then.
  • I start tattooing at 10am for the day.
  • I require a $200-$400 deposit to schedule any appointments.
  • My tattoo sessions typically run $800-$1600. (each session)
  • Half sleeves usually start around $3000 +/-.
  • Half, or one side, of the forearm is around $1500 +/-
  • Sleeves and back pieces can run $6000-$9000 +/-.
  • You will get the same answer as stated above if you message me asking me how much for a sleeve or back piece.
  • I prefer cash on the day of your appointment, but I accept credit cards for a 3.5% fee. This means you will pay a $35 fee on a $1000 tattoo.
  • I am more responsive through email than anything else. Sometimes it takes several days, before I get to a position where I can take the time necessary to go over an email, before responding. If you haven’t heard anything back in 2 weeks, go ahead and send a follow up email. Although I am somehow booked up months in advance, I still take my time with the booking process and going through the emails properly.
  • I do not stop tattooing to talk to people or do walk in consultations. When someone schedules with me, I give them my 100% attention. I will do the same with you. You will be asked to email me if you walk in unexpectedly.
  • If your tattoo must require a consultation, there will be a $50 consultation fee. Too many people don’t show up without any money down.