Use my contact form below after reading my scheduling info.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.I welcome all tattoo inquiries. Here are a few things to expect when booking with me. I communicate through email. Just use the form at the bottom of this page, after you’ve read through it, to contact me. Please understand these are just key points that come up a lot of questions, and they aren’t meant to be off putting in anyway.Here is what to expect:

  • All tattoos and consultations require an appointment. I will not stop mid tattoo for a walk in consultation.
  • Be patient for a reply. Due to the high volume of requests, I will choose tattoos that best suit my style.
  • I only work with black and grey in a photorealistic style, with my own twist. (Horror, pop culture, animal portraits, etc..) I’m only taking on pieces or projects that fit in my style range. I don’t do color or cover up tattoos.
  • I have a ton of pre-made designs that I’d love to tattoo, if you’re unsure about what you want. You can find them by clicking in my “want to do” highlight on Instagram.
  • I will not send designs before the day of the appointment. If any changes need to be made they will be made the day of the appointment.
  • I require a $200 deposit to schedule all appointments. Which is held on to until the tattoo or project is finished. Consultations are free.
  • My full day rate is $1600 and my half day rate is $800. Please note that larger pieces, half sleeves, and sleeves will take multiple sessions.
  • Sessions can be long and draining so please bring snacks, and drinks with you. I want you to be as comfortable as possible (it makes it easier on both of us) so please wear comfy clothing. Even bring a pillow if you like.

Client Information

I Do Not Tattoo Minors. No Exceptions.

Client Questionnaire

If you schedule an appointment without informing me of any budget, you will not get a refund for your deposit, if you have to cancel.
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